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Huber-Cisal at ISH-Frankfurt

Huber-Cisal at ISH- Frankfurt

Vision is the primary sense through which we experience the products and exhibits. This fascinating stand was entirely conceived around the concept of conceal and reveal.

Based on a format by Architect Fabio Rotella and designed to perfectly blend clarity and mystery;  the idea behind it  was to resemble a box (the booth) containing several other boxes (the product displays, showcased in six separate areas), slightly concealed but easy to catch a glimpse of.

In this composition, volumes and open-spaces are brought together to enhance the sleek and modern design of Huber-Cisal’s products, with ceramics elements provided by Florim and Alice Ceramiche.
Each of the six settings dedicated to each product line were finished with bright colored ceramic tiles (red, green, and blue). A series of lacquered boiserie panels completed the ensemble.

The idea of transparency was carried out through a creative use of perforated fabric, open spaces, and grid-patterns to create walls , allowing light to flow through.

A particular distinction of this exhibit, was that almost all the materials used were authentic such as wood, lacquered and ceramics, and they were all pre-made before bringing them to the event.