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Title Image

Comer Industries at Bauma 2019

Art meets technology 

When designing this exhibit, we imagined a technological embrace, and the result is this representation of a grand interactive machine. Geometric shapes and proportions were strategically used to give life to a composition that appears simple, sleek and clean.

In our project, functions are clear and the concept enhances the solidity of the company, Comer Industries.

The main colors featured in this exhibit are white, silver and Comer Industries’ corporate blue: All blended together through lighting effects to feed into the illusion.

With floor made of lacquered tiles, and materials such as metallic grids, hanging signs, dynamic led-walls, and touch screen monitors, the worlds of art and technology merge into one.

.Suspended objects frame this exhibit, as if a small controlled explosion occurred in the heart of the stand.

It’s like looking at an exploded-view drawing of machines designed by Leonardo da Vinci.