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Emilgroup/ Chicago/ Coverings

Emilgroup/ Chicago/ Coverings

Emilgroup consistently presents a highly elaborate image at trade shows all over the world, and after nearly 20 years of steady collaboration, we know that image well.


Maintaining certain standards in cities such as Chicago is no simple task, due to numerous local labor union regulations. Illinois law, like that of many other US states, requires that trade show exhibits be assembled by local workers, who are therefore less invested with the company and unfamiliar with the complexity of our projects.


Although these regulations don’t pose any particular problems for simple installations, a project like the one for Emilgroup at Coverings became doubly complex and nearly out of range from a technical and budgetary point of view.


We overcame the challenge in two main ways. Designing the stand to be easily assembled, investing heavily in production, and relying on our nearly 20-year relationship with our union labor provider. Each individual member of the assembly team was preselected and the team was briefed on the project even before arriving at the convention center.


Being an international trade show partner means being cognizant of the differences encountered throughout the wide world of trade expositions. Every country, if not every city, can present particular circumstances that if ignored can lead to serious problems.

Like Picasso once said: “Just because you’re unfamiliar with it, don’t decide it’s wrong—seize the opportunity to understand.”