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Trade Show Services

We’ve got you covered all the way around. A mix of careful planning, creative exhibition options, and meticulous material production, along with the skills and experience needed to manage your project on an international scale. This ensures our clients the absolute best possible turnkey service.

planning trade show exhibits



No matter what your exhibition goals are, we believe nothing is more effective than the combination of solid planning and creative vision.


We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s marketing department, working with them to maximize their impact at every event.


Whether it’s a marketing strategy for a single event, planning an entire trade show program, or expert exhibition advice for a specific market, A&M offers clients over 40 years of international experience in the field.



A successful exhibition space showcases the product in a novel way, effectively enhancing the brand image and actively engaging the public.


Architectural skill, designer imagination, and multi-sector experience fuel our creativity, allowing us to provide an effective product exhibition experience, emphasizing a superior degree of brand recognition and customization, in keeping with the company image.

exhibit design trade show
exhibit production trade shows

Engineering and Fabrication


Our quality traces its roots to the culture of fine Italian craftsmanship. We’ve developed an operational system integrating the best traditional practices, which we currently employ in all our facilities.



We balance in-house manufacturing, constant coordination with outside suppliers, and the use of numerous exhibition systems to optimize our workflow.



The project management developed through the years is one of our main competitive advantages. It allows us to confidently take on even the most complex jobs while guaranteeing the highest level of dependability to our clients. Guaranteeing quality production standards within the targeted budget.

Audio – Visual


Event communication technologies are a key factor for truly engaging experiences and impactful product presentations.


Over time we’ve established winning partnerships with major firms in the industry, offering the latest-generation LED video walls, projections, video-mapping, touchscreen monitors, advanced audio installations, video footage using drones, and even video editing and multimedia content creation for our clients.


With all these resources, let us enhance your live communication like never before.

event technology trade show exhibits
event furnishings trade show

Event Furnishing


Furnishings are an essential part of the stand—they influence both the overall project space as well as the visitor’s personal experience.



We focus on respecting the client’s budget without compromising on quality or quantity. This is possible thanks to the broad inventory of furnishings at our disposal, ranging from basic elements all the way to the most elaborate designs.



Our meticulous project management simplifies the construction and presentation of even the most complex exhibits.



The variety of work we do currently allows us to provide services ranging from general carpentry to specialized services such as tiling. Additionally, we’ve developed a deep familiarity with international labor markets, ensuring that each stand meets the highest professional standards in accordance with local regulations.

trade show installation services exhibits
trade show logistics exhibit



Great logistics are essential at every trade show, particularly for companies that exhibit on a global scale. We’re accustomed to transporting and installing a single project all over the world, thanks to the experience of our dedicated logistics department.



We manage land, sea, and air transportation as well as offering our clients logistical services to meet every need, including the option of storing their materials in our warehouses.

Customer Service

We have a department dedicated to assisting our clients every step of the way with all necessary documents.



We offer assistance in completing paperwork for accessing services, in managing relationships with exhibition venues and all details relating to procedures for project approvals, in addition to numerous other secondary activities.



Achieving our goal of a perfect client experience means we stay on top of all deadlines and provide assistance with all documents.

trade show customer service exhibits