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Trade Show Services

Driven by the deepest customer focus and passion, we extended our range of trade show services to offer advanced turnkey solutions.



To achieve any goal at the show, we believe there is nothing more powerful than a strong combination of strategic planning and creative design. We are here to work closely with your team to define how to reach your goals and make the most out of your show.

Marketing Strategy / Experience Thinking / Global Program Panning



Think, design, engage. That’s how A&M architects and designers conceive our clients brand spaces.


Thinking about how to enhance the product, the brand values and contents.


Designing an exhibit which goes beyond the simple aesthetic, able to deliver the message, respecting the given budget.


Engaging with a space able to deliver emotions, which are at the heart of our memories and make messages last forever. This is what makes communication really effective.

progettazione allestimenti fieristici
produzione allestimenti fieristici

Engineering and Fabrication


The Italian craftsmanship culture, that’s our historical background and that’s where the quality of our exhibits comes from. Today, in all our locations, we developed a fabrication system integrated with some of the most traditional methods. Together with a detailed engineering process and a strict project management, it allows us to provide whatever kind of exhibit, delivering artisan quality and respecting budgets.

Audio – Visual


Event technologies are a key factor for a truly engaging experience. From LED walls to touchscreens, live staging to VR, let us enhance your brand live communication like never before.

Event Furnishing


Furnishings are crucial, they are both part of the exhibit design and the visitor experience. Given a budget, we are going to fit it without compromising on quality and design, thanks to our
large event furnishings inventory.



Our drafting methods and meticulous project management simplify the execution of even the most complex design. This process, combined with the experience of our teams, carefully selected and trained, ensure the excellence in every installation.



Logistics operations are crucial in trade shows, especially for those companies with intense exhibit global programs. We are used to ship and execute the same design across the globe, thanks to our dedicated logistic division.



Show regulations, electrical orders, design approvals and all sort of documentation required by the convention center and event organizer. The goal is that everything goes smoothly and we are going to make sure of it providing direct assistance with all the show forms and reminding you about every deadline.