A&M Production - Euroshop - A&M Production
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A&M Production - Euroshop

A&M Production - Euroshop

Customer: A&M Production


Industry: Design


Event: Euroshop 2020


City: Dusseldorf



Displaying at a trade show as an exhibit firm is always an exciting challenge, even more at Euroshop, one of the greatest trade shows all around the world. This participation is part of a longer journey that brought A&M to become a forward-thinking international company, driven by creativity and passion.


We firmly believe that effective communication means bringing your audience to experience positive emotions. That’s when the brand, together with its messages, become everlasting memories.


Being emotions inspired by meaningful experiences, we designed a space based on the highest engagement that merges with the brand and its communication.


Thanks to the participation of our partners, B-Happy for the audiovisual and I Love My Kitchen for the catering, it was possible to craft a modern, dynamic and interactive brand space. Visitors were then able to taste the greatest Italian food while videos and claims were running on every kind of surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and welcome desk. That’s what we mean by crafting a memorable brand experience.