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Antolini - Medinit

Antolini - Medinit

Client: Antolini - Industry: Marbles - Event: Medinit 2015 - City: Casablanca


Antolini has been at the forefront of developments in natural stone processing and new technologies, constantly evolving along the way and never overlooking the importance of quality.


Let the beauty of stone and marble talk. Pure aesthetics and Italian quality are the key elements that Antolini wants to communicate to visitors at Medinit, the Casablanca trade show that involves major brands representing the excellence of Made in Italy in the design industry.


Minimalism at first: we designed and built a black and white squared exhibit. The stark contrast between black and white creates focal points designed to guide the eye across a 3D space. Once entered, visitors are astonished at booth’s pureness: white walls give prominence to marble and stone collections displayed in black or white showcases. The greatest advantage of a black/white interior is the stand-out, contrasting effect on other colours in the room. A black/white interior instantaneously improves the appearance of other colours in the room, making them more noticeable and bringing them to life.