FSG Italia - Host Milano - A&M Production - Stand multi-brand
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FSG Italia - Host Milano

FSG Italia - Host Milano

Customer: FSG Italia - Industry: HO.RE.CA. - Event: Host Milano - City: Milano


Designing a multi-brand exhibit can be a challenge, having to take the needs of multiple exhibitors into consideration. Our technical department conducted a thorough study of the exhibition area and, through a targeted stylistic analysis of the different companies, has customized each area according to the requests of each exhibitor.

To better convey the uniqueness of each brand, we created a homogeneous design, that combined the identities of multiple brands into one single corporate image, without stifling the uniqueness of the single companies. We have thus obtained a harmonious environment, while giving the right emphasis to the individual characteristics of every brand.

As multiple parties were involved, the organization and management of all logistic operations also required particular precision, both in organizing shipments as well as synchronizing the work of our assembly teams with that of the customer’s staff. The peculiarity of this exhibit: the integrated use of different exhibition techniques in one single area, from exhibition niches to fabric graphics covering the walls, pantographed walls and glass-walls.