Comet - Trade show exhibits in Italy- A&M Production
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Comet - EIMA

Comet S.p.a.

Area: 1080sqft - Event: EIMA - Industry: Automation - City: Bologna, Italy


Comet S.p.a. operates in three key sectors, two dedicated to components and one to finished products: Agriculture, Industry and Cleaning.
The industrial group represents the best the market is able to offer, especially because of the broad range of available products and services – from modern technologies applied to cleaning and low-pressure pumps right up to very high-pressure water jetting units.


Huge machines are commonplace at Eima, but Comet decided to leave big stuff at home and asked us to craft an experience that facilitate conversation about the latest innovation in the agricultural industry.
Looking towards the future without letting the past go behind: the project is inspired by the union between quality, technology and meticulous craftsmanship.


Our designers delivered an eye-catching and spacious stand. The exhibit has a strong visual impact based on a distinctive yet linear LED wall architecture, enabling it to provide a unique and spectacular entertainment.
A semi private meeting room with displayed products help clients and prospects understand what the company could do for them.