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An all-inclusive service offer requires thorough focus on the exhibit project without overlooking any details.

This is only possible thanks to the wide range of services we offer.


We act as an extension of the customer’s marketing department, a guide to help them get the most out of each event.

Whether it is  a marketing strategy for a single exhibit, the planning of a multi-events program or consultation on a specific market or trade show, A&M Production brings to the table over 40 years of international experience.


A successful exhibition stand proposes the product in an original way, effectively enhances the brand and actively involves the public.

Brand spaces that tell stories, unique and functional product displays, exhibits that impress and engage visitors for a memorable brand experience.

Whether it is the brand identity for a whole trade show program or the design of a single exhibit booth, our team of architects, designers and scenographers will always have a suitable creative solution for your brand.

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Engineering and fabrication

Italian craftsmanship quality is at the core of everything we do, from trade show exhibits to events and interiors fabrication.

All A&M branches feature a production system that combines valuable, traditional skill with modern production methods. Our workflow integrates in-house capabilities with the use of a wide range of exhibit systems.

Everything is overseen by a consolidated project management process, which connects all of the different offices and company departments worldwide. This grants us complete control over the job process, guaranteeing the final quality of every single work.


Whether it is a trade show exhibit, a corporate event or a retail space, audio-visual are at the basis of an engaging experience.

Key partnerships with several international providers allow us to offer our clients LED screen, touch-screen devices, video post-production, professional audio systems, live presentations and much more.

After assessing the goals of our client and the type of exhibit that fits their needs, we evaluate what technology will best support effective communication and provide a captivating experience.


When it comes to trade show exhibits and corporate events, having a vast choice of furniture makes all the difference.

A&M offers a wide range of furnishings available for rent, including designer pieces, guaranteeing a solution for every kind of exhibit.


The variety of the jobs we have performed, allows us to provide a complete range of services. These span from general carpentry to highly specialized operations such as the installation of tilework on site.

We have also developed a deep knowledge of the international labor market, which is a very sensitive matter especially in trade shows. Our wealth of experience guarantees a state-of-the-art execution, always in compliance with even the strictest local rules and regulations.

The combination of our know-how and project management skills simplifies the installation of even the most complex exhibits.


For companies with a tight events and trade shows schedule, logistics becomes a key factor.

Thanks to the expertise of our dedicated logistics department we have mastered the practice of moving and installing the same project in different venues all around the world, as well as developing showrooms in-series, thus optimizing transport and operational costs.

We supply logistics services for every need, including the management of air, water, and land transport as well as the option of storing the client’s material in our warehouses.

Forms and paperwork

For a turnkey service of the highest level, we take care of the whole paperwork process such as forms, licenses and service requests, managing communication with show executives and other associations involved.