Rak Ceramics - Trade show exhibits in Europe - A&M Production
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Rak - Bau

RAK Ceramics

Area: 1550sqft - Event: Bau - Industry: Home and Forniture - City: Munich, Germany


RAK Ceramics is known for the wide product range and the ability to produce bespoke ranges for both small and large scale projects, enabling our clients to bring their ideas to life.


Establish an intimate connection between visitor and product, recreating the welcoming home atmosphere.
Every detail and every element has been designed with the aim of arousing positive and warm vibes which let the product enter in perfect harmony with the private sphere of each visitor.


The exhibit offers various settings where visitors can appreciate the ceramics and the fine finishes, touching their quality first-hand.
The heart of the exhibiting area is dedicated to the conversation, encouraged by tables, small sofas and comfortable armchairs.