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Discover our new location!

atlanta a&m
Meet the new American headquarters of A&M Production

To provide the best possible trade show exhibits service in the US, we decided to go all out by investing in a new local office. In this article, we’d like to introduce A&M’s new American home to our many clients and partners and tell you about how this significant milestone will help us achieve our American dream.

Arriving in America

Our first American office was inaugurated in Atlanta in 2014, after more than 30 years of long-distance project management. The reason was quite simple: the growing demand for exhibit installation in the United States dictated more streamlined transportation times and a more responsive and well-organized customer service team to support our Italian and European clients who needed to exhibit in the US, but were having difficulty finding the high exhibit standards they were accustomed to in Europe. A&M Production’s American adventure was launched at 560 Wharton Circle SW, in a small, 16.000 sqft warehouse. Today, in 2017, A&M has acquired a 36.000 square feet facility with a warehouse and offices, more than twice the size of our former location.

Our former location at 560 Wharton Circle, Atlanta, opened in January 2014, where everything started.

Sweet Home Georgia!

A&M’s new office is located south of Atlanta, Georgia’s capital, in the strategic Ellenwood area, near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Not only did we find a home in Atlanta, but more importantly a crucial logistical and strategic center. Over these past three years, we’ve developed and nurtured reliable and profitable relationships with local suppliers and partners. Additionally, we’ve assembled an American team capable of successfully responding to any need for trade show exhibits in the United States that our Italian and European clients might have.


In addition to a larger space for storing materials and a spray booth, the new building provides enhanced operational performance thanks to a dedicated carpentry workspace fully equipped with all the basic equipment along with a latest-generation 5-axis CNC machine for woodworking.

Advantages and Areas of Opportunity

Having an American office in the trade show exhibit design, production, and installation sector offers enormous benefits of various types:

  • For our clients, both American as well as international, it means being able to count on A&M’s quality even more. Our new office here will allow us to provide Italian-designed trade show exhibits produced entirely in the United States. For our clients, this means increased quality control with reduced lag time and costs. This office will allow us to fully express our uncompromising creativity at the production level while improving relationships with local clients thanks to local employees who will be joining our team here.
  • For our design, production, and installation partners, the office will serve as a reference point. Over the past few years we’ve produced an increasing number of exhibits in the US, not just for our direct clients, but also for other producers, both European and American, assisting them in carrying out their projects here in the US.
  • For the local economy, the office will provide jobs, sincethe new American offices will require additional administrative and business staff members to achieve greater penetration in the local market.

With this office, we can currently meet the demand for exhibit design, production, and installation in all 50 states. In addition to major exhibit centers such as Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, and New York, we’re also currently producing frequent exhibits in Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Louisville, New Orleans, and Philadelphia.


Our future goal is to dedicate the Atlanta office exclusively to East Coast projects, setting up a small plant in Las Vegas dedicated solely to the West Coast.

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