Avandad - Trade show exhibits in Italy- A&M Production
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Avandad – Marmomac


Area: 11.720 sqft - Event: Marmomac - Industry: Marble and raw stone - City: Verona, Italy


Avandad is a natural stone producing company focusing on special textures and modern finishing.
The company has positioned itself as an innovative source and a reliable partner for architects and designers in the field of building materials.


Covering an area of 11.720 square feet, the Avandad exhibit managed to demonstrate the perfect marriage of textures, craftsmanship, and artistry that define the beauty of raw stone.
Transformed into a tactile physical catalogue, the focus of this incredible installation was the way in which natural stone can be transformed from a raw material into something truly beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Through careful selection, cutting, and shaping, we were able to bring out the unique character and beauty of each individual piece of stone.
Visitors are able to see first-hand how natural stone can be used to create everything from striking one-of-a-kind sculptures to breath taking architectural elements.
The balanced use of lights highlights the materials and finishes.


The Avandad stand is strategically designed with four entrances, ensuring accessibility and a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.
By offering multiple entry points, the stand effectively accommodates the steady flow of visitors and allows them to explore different sections of the exhibit with ease.

The considerable dimensions transform the exhibition space into an immersive and awe-inspiring experience: with a height of 4.5 meters, the stand commands attention from afar, showcasing Avandad's commitment to excellence and innovation.
The 20 meters longitudinal length allows for a comprehensive display of Avandad's extensive range of natural stone products, inviting visitors to explore the diverse offerings. Moreover, the impressive 8-meter free span provides an unobstructed view of the stand, ensuring that visitors can appreciate the full extent of Avandad's craftsmanship and design.