Ccell - Trade show exhibits in the US - A&M Production
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CCELL - MjBizCon

Smoore International Holdings Ltd

Area: 400sqft - Event: MjBizCon - Industry: Tobacco - City: Las Vegas, United States


CCELL is a technology brand and global innovator in portable vaporizers. With the continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, the company has become one of the world‘s largest vaporizer suppliers.


Keep clients and user experience in mind at all times and provide the utmost service and top-notch technology and hardware solutions.
The exhibit we designed has to fulfil company’s requirement in the best way possible so that to achieve maximum efficiency from the trade show participation, the MjBizCon.


The exhibit becomes a winner recipe for communicating the company’s personality.
The eye-catching structure counts approximately 2460 ft of LED without any light interruption and a week of engineering to give light to the project. Products visibility is boosted thanks to display cases illuminated by LED profiles which create a diffused and irresistible glow that enhances the products.