E80 Group - Trade show exhibits in the US - A&M Production
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E80 Group - Promat

E80 Group

Area: 2800sqft - Event: Promat - Industry: Automation - City: Chicago, United States


E80 group is specialized in the development of automated and integrated intralogistics solutions for manufacturers of consumer goods operating in the beverage, food, tissue and other sectors.


Each brand has an identity, designed to be different from the others and E80 group knows it perfectly.
In the exhibit designed for Promat, the leading trade show for manufacturing and supply chain industry, the visual design is the prince of visual communication.

The coordinated graphics and multimedia contents are fundamental not only to be found, recognized and remembered, but narrates the services offered by the group too.


The company opens its doors to customers: E80 logo fills the space.
Wherever the visitor looks, the attention is captured by the logo placed on the reception desk, on the imposing 6x6 meter hanging sign and on two 3m high totems placed to the right and left of the entrance.

3 ledwalls measuring 4.5x2.5 meters divide the exhibit into thematic areas, showing contents relating to specific activities and services. Relative total white living areas and private meeting rooms make the exhibition area a perfect agora for business relationships.