Lavazza - Trade show custom exhibit in the US - A&M Production
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Lavazza - NRA

Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

Area: 1990sqft - Event: NRA - Industry: HO.RE.CA. - City: Chicago, United States


The Lavazza Group is a leading player in the global coffee market in all its segments and distribution channels. From Turin, the headquarters, the group has branches all round the world.


Coffee, a ritual, a tradition, a pleasure: this is the idea for the creation of Lavazza exhibit at NRA Show in Chicago, the largest foodservice and hospitality event, held in Chicago annually.

The coffee ritual, a symbol of italian tradition, expresses a moment of pleasure: for this reason, the layout includes a coffee break space where you can enjoy conviviality and taste Italian espresso.


We thought up the exhibit starting from the idea of a large coffee bar of 1990sqft with 16,5 ft high walls, designed to offer the best customer and coffee experience of the entire NRA show.

Color is fundamental: dark brown, the color of the roasted coffee beans; brown, the color of the coffee crema that covers the perfect espresso; black, the color that summarizes the prodigious virtues of coffee.
The warm colors together with the hospitality of the wood counters help to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.