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Virtual reality: The future of exhibit design

virtual reality a&m

Virtual reality is one of the hottest topics in design, currently employed by various types of industries. Let’s take a look at how A&M Production has been studying its application to exhibit design for the last several months.

“Virtual Reality is extremely useful both during the presentation of the project and during the event itself, thanks to the countless engagement activities it offers, where the only limit is the imagination,”

explains Riccardo Montanari, Business Development Manager at A&M Production.

Let’s take a step back and see what it is. Virtual Reality consists of the combination of software and hardware devices, creating a virtual space in which it is possible to move freely. Access to this simulated world is given by VR headset and other accessories developed specifically to allow the user to interact and “live” within this virtual reality. This creates a three-dimensional world, which appears, to all effects, real.

Presentations in Virtual Reality

This technology, when applied to the design of an exhibit, becomes a phenomenal tool which, in addition to simple aesthetics, allows for full understanding of space and proportions, immersing the user directly in the stand, and overcoming the limits of traditional presentation tools like the most common 3D renderings, scale models, or any other type of representation.


In VR presentations, the simplest approach consists of views created within the project in which the user, with headset, can admire the project as if it were surrounding him. The next level is reached with the creation of the real virtual experience, that is an environment in which the user can move around the stand like a video game. In the case of A&M, this happens with particularly large or complex projects, in which understanding greatly benefits from the possibility of exploring all spaces.


So far, however innovative it may be, we are still talking of fairly simple operations. What instead represents the new frontier in the presentation of a project is the interactive experience. This comes to life in the user’s immersion in a project, where it is possible to interact directly with the environment, with as little as a headset.

“Imagine being able to move around the exhibit and be able to change colors, textures, move elements, displays and existing furniture, or even access the digital library and add new pieces”,

explains Alessandro Alletto, Architect and Project Developer.

“The goal is to allow the customer to have total freedom of choice, with as little filters as possible, to define their own design, making sure they have a total understanding of aesthetics and space”.

A&M Production firmly believes that investing in cutting-edge presentation methods is crucial, and this journey in virtual reality is a clear example. From initial investments in hardware and software to customized courses and time-intensive experiments, A&M has refined several VR presentation techniques and this service is now offered at different levels based on the complexity of the projects.

“The client experience always comes first” 

continues Riccardo Montanari,

“Therefore, we have prepared ourselves to recreate these presentations remotely, and simply send our headset anywhere in the world, ready to fully immerse the client in the project that our studio has designed especially for them”.

Our interest in the world of Virtual Reality does not stop here. In fact, research and development is taking place right now on the creation of virtual experiences to improve direct engagement on the stand. This concept aims to revolutionize the client’s communication at trade-shows and the visitor’s experience on the booth.

VR is a constantly evolving technology which we are sure is going to bring interesting surprises. A topic which we’ll continue to discuss as we move forward.

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