A&M for "Authentic. Design Made in Puglia", the exhibition held in New York
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Authentic. Design Made in Puglia

Authentic. Design Made in Puglia.

Area: 4100sqft - Project: Showroom - Industry: Design - City: New York, United States


Puglia, the enchanting region located in southern Italy, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and timeless beauty.
Recently, New York had the privilege of hosting an extraordinary temporary exhibition called "Authentic. Design Made in Puglia."

This immersive experience allowed visitors to delve into the world of Apulian design, where shapes, ideas, and materials come together to create remarkable furnishing objects.



The "Authentic. Design Made in Puglia" exhibition was more than a mere display of furniture and decor: it was a journey that immersed visitors in the essence and charm of Puglia.

The 4100sqft showroom, in Gansevoort Street - Meatpacking district, New York, shows the Apulian craftsmanship, made of stones, metals, fabrics that become decorated tiles and sofas with a thousand combinations, seats made of spheres in imitation of atoms and tables with sculptural shapes, chaise longues of precious marble and walls that evoke ancient frescoes, stone surfaces worked as if they were the texture of a fabric, lamps that look like doilies and vases with singular geometric shapes.

One of the exhibition's main objectives was to showcase the beauty and cultural richness of Puglia.
By bringing together a diverse range of artisans and designers, the exhibition succeeded in capturing the essence of this enchanting region.
What sets Apulian design apart is the harmonious combination of shapes, ideas, and materials used in creating furnishing objects. This exhibition provided a platform for designers to express their creativity, pushing the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship.