Emilgroup - Trade show exhibits in the US - A&M Production
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Emilgroup - Coverings

Emilceramica S.r.l.

Area: 2500sqft - Event: Coverings - Industry: Ceramics - City: Las Vegas, United States


From its headquarters in Italy, Emilgroup designs, develops, manufactures and distributes ceramic tiles all around the world thanks to its skilled team who provides tailor made solutions from design to tiles installation.


Create a distinctive exhibit in terms of lines and shapes that allows an harmonic and continuous display of products, creating an immersive environment for visitors. This is Emilgroup’s request for its booth at Coverings, the preeminent event for the ceramic tile & natural stone industry in North America.


An original and impactful project with a unique layout. The circle is the key element that gives an idea of ​​immutable movement thanks to a vertical architectural solution: from the center of the platform, as a decorative element, up to the highest point with circular beams that support the walls.

The concentric harmony is enclosed by black trapezoidal perimeter walls. Impossible not to notice this fully customized project and our challenge in building it.