Estima - Trade show exhibits in Moscow - A&M Production
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Estima - Mosbuild

Estima - Mosbuild

Customer: Estima - Industry: Ceramics - Event: Mosbuild - City: Moscow


Leader in porcelain tile production in Russia with production capacity of over 15 mln. sq.m of tile per year, Estima has been offering quality finishing materials by exporting  its products all over the world for over 20 years.


We know theater as an art, born to welcome all social classes and join people together.

Our design was conceived on this concept of theater as a place for all people to meet and experience the pleasure of art, together as one. We imagined a traditional space for the audience, provided with easily removable seating, to make room for open space, depending on the nature of the performance.


The front of our exhibit represents the traditional “foyer”, which is used for technical functions such as reception, offices and sales areas, and reminds us who the main subject of the show is: ESTIMA. From the foyer visitors have access to the “auditorium” area, which accomodates the audience. This is also where the actual show takes place.

We re-created this area in an ellipsoidal shape, to give the illusion of a traditional arena.

The upper part is historically the heaviest part of the structure as it includes open galleries, ceilings and scene machinery. In our version this is the lightest element, presented in an ellipsoidal shape, giving us the chance to mix the contemporary design with the ancient outline.