GB Gnudi - Trade show exhibits in Milan- A&M Production
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GB Gnudi – Ipack-ima

G.B. Gnudi Bruno S.p.A.

Area: 2380sqft - Event: Ipack-ima - Industry: Packaging - City: Milan, Italy


Since 1965  G.B. GNUDI BRUNO S.p.A. studies and creates customized solutions for the most diverse packaging applications in the chemical-pharmaceutical, food, confectionery, cosmetic and paper.


Representing the packaging industry through its most immediate shape: a box. This is the starting idea for GB Gnudi exhibit at Ipack-ima, the international reference event for market professionals and a privileged meeting place for the buyers of the food and non food industry.

A clear and recognizable concept, which indicates in a simple and direct way to visitors the company's core business.


Coherence and uniformity are carried out thanks to the use of just one shape and just one material throughout the exhibit. The box shaped structure and the use of bleached wood are declined in various sizes and adapted to different purposes: information desk or room divider.

The florescent color is used to emphasize the company logo and some representative wordings.