Elica - KBIS - A&M Production
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Elica - KBIS

Elica - KBIS

Customer: Elica - Industry: Design - Event: KBIS - City: Orlando, FL


The written word couldn’t possibly communicate the uniqueness of this stand. That said, the particular aspect of this project that we’d like to focus on is the lighting.


Inspired by the Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana railway station, Elica’s stand at the KBIS 2018 is a tunnel formed by asymmetrical arches creating a curving, sinusoid effect.


Lo spettacolo prende vita grazie all’illuminazione, concepita con raggi al led che corrono su tutte le coste interne dei portali. But it’s the lighting that really brings this exhibit to life. Conceived as arrays of LED lights running along the entire inner edges of the portals, the effect was simply unique: a perfectly uniform light intensity with products illuminated from every angle without a single light source in the entire exhibit save for the bands of LED lights perfectly aligned along the contours of the structure.