Tria - Trade show exhibits in Europe - A&M Production
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Area: 2000sqft - Industry: Plastic - Event: K - City: Düsseldorf, Germany


Tria has decided to rely on our consultation for a complete study of their new tradeshow corporate image.


This cycle begins with the show “K” in Dusseldorf, where, for the occasion we presented a clean, minimal and highly technological new design.
The project, which consists of a two-storey structure and LED screens on different surfaces, including a hanging video wall, will be reproduced on a smaller scale at events to follow, as to confirm an always recognizable and coordinated brand identity.


Through close cooperation, starting from the design phase, between our studio and external AV suppliers, we were able to create a project that could be achieved and that perfectly intersected with the audio visual hardware.

The right mix of creativity and technical execution brought the final result we were looking for: an impactful and technological space able to deliver the most powerful brand experience.