Comer Industries - Agritechnica - A&M Production
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Comer Industries - Agritechnica

Comer Industries - Agritechnica


At Agritechnica 2019 Comer Industries takes a very important leap: abandoning the traditional display of its products, leaving the information to be conveyed by videos running on the large suspended LED video wall, the touch screen devices and other multimedia systems.
A very bold move, signifying the company’s desire to renew the way it presents itself to the public. Our task was therefore to create an exhibition solution focused on branding and communication, moving away from the customary exhibition of products, which had been a recurring central theme for Comer’s exhibits.


The idea was to design an architecturally dynamic space with large volumetric and multimedia impact. The Comer brand had to convey technology, grandeur and leadership.
The peculiarity of the project lies mainly in the sequence of overlaid and staggered elements, capable of communicating through both the LED screens and its own grandness.


The design, apparently simple and geometric, is therefore stirred by the distribution of different levels and widths.
This generated great visual dynamicity, with plays of light and shadows, giving the impression that the various blocks are leaning outwards.
Knowing how to exhibit your products at an international event is certainly important, but finding a way to communicate your brand’s core is essential. As Comer Industries shows in this case, a project with a highly communicative impact can sometimes go a long way to successfully replace the physical presence of the products.