Laminam - Cersaie - A&M Production - “Invisible White Landscape”
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Laminam - Cersaie

Laminam - Cersaie

Customer: Laminam - Industry: Ceramics - Event: Cersaie - City: Bologna


This is the “White invisible landscape” exhibit: a sleek and minimalist open-space layout, covered with the new line of products by LAMINAM.


The challenge here was to design a booth that was able to showcase Laminam’s new collection, in a space that evokes nature and innovation: peculiar feature for such a cutting-edge company.

Laminam’s latest product is the marble-effect ceramic slab and our idea was to start where this material is found in nature: marble quarries. This project not only allowed to give a touch of nature to the stand, but also to cover almost the entire surface with the client’s product. The front LED screen, the striplights in between slabs, and the high-design furnishing provided a modern touch completing the fusion of nature and innovation